Saturday, July 10, 2010

canvas | art tutorial

a REAL tutorial! woohoo!

i don't know about you, but i'm all about CHEAPER art. i love a good canvas, but i loved the idea of making my own even more. i also like modern decorations, and this way i can change them out whenever i want to.

let's go!

the supplies:

i already had most of this stuff. those are the cheapy paints from wally world and the canvases and canvas panels are from big lots. the largest canvas is 16x22.
go big or go home when it comes to pictures.

wally world paints

mod podge and CLEAR acrylic spray. btw doesn't mod podge have a fab logo? all retro and stuff. loves it.

you can either put the paint directly on the canvas or spread it out on a paper plate.

this picture was out of order (dumb blogger) but as soon as i started to open these i figured i should get a picture so you would know what to get. these are the thinner panels- i really like these because they are easy to prop on shelves, etc.

now roll it on thick! i normally put on 2-3 coats- it makes the color more BOLD.
no picture for the next step. take your mod podge and spread it around the edges of the BACK of the picture. you don't really want to coat the whole back because...well because you just don't need to.
then stick it to the canvas and let it dry. this only takes a few minutes.

now take it outside and spray 2-3 coats of acrylic spray over the whole thing. keep it about 5-6 inces above the canvas so it doesn't get too heavy in one spot (like spray paint would).

here is one using a canvas.
i taped it because i had intended to paint that like blue but decided to nix that idea.

make sure to paint the edges!

since this was going to have an 8x10 on it, i left a little unpainted.
just 'cause.

ta-da! that's me and my fam.
*waving hi*

and here are a couple of the panels.
the one on the right was done well over 2 years ago and has never faded or warped.
hope someone gets a kick out of this!
happy weekend!
xo sarah

ps: spellcheck doesn't like the word 'podge'.