Tuesday, September 29, 2009


this post is long overdue.
a few months ago i got to teach a class for the
Women in the Outdoors
this great group of women come from all around to spend
the day
hanging out
doing yoga
learning how to shoot skeet!
learning to golf
wine tasting
among other things.
i enjoyed this day so much.
i met some wonderful people, and even made some new friends.
these are just some of the pictures from that day (out of many)
thanks for having me, girls.
and thanks for being so understanding for my
loves ya.

yay! it's sarah! we love sarah!
just look.

{ hi nan.}

Sunday, September 20, 2009

perfection | indiana family photographer

i love editing pictures like this. i always catch myself smiling and laughing at some of the sweet little faces kids make. i hope you love them as much as i do.
omg. these girls break my heart.
love this.

hi sam & alex!

ben, you are a heartbreaker.

big canvas. BIG. love this, too.
and this pretty much sums up their busy life. you guys are such great parents- thanks for spending the day with me.

Friday, September 18, 2009

some new | some randoms

smile! it's friday.
this is my FAVE. i would put this on a HUGE canvas in my house. yep.
ooooh and this one. not the posed crap. just a normal, "oh you caught me standing in our field" shot. you know, NOT posed at all.

this was totally joshs' idea. but it worked! kinda creepy...
hi cass! here's lookin' at you, kid.
ok that was stupid.
it's friday and i'm elated.

randoms for friday

*mom helped me steam clean my floors/area rugs
yesterday. most of our house is hardwood, but we still have carpet in a couple of bedrooms.
just so you know: don't be fooled by your sweeper. it IS NOT getting up the dirt. it was gross. so mom, you da bomb diggity.

*avy is speaking in full sentences and it cracks me up. i took something from her and she whines " but maaaawwwwwmmmmm. i just had it." and she still has a bit of a cold. so that makes me one of those moms with the snotty-nosed kid. i get it now.

*we are staying in our camper this weekend at jenny and mike's. it's their annual party (i'm not going to call it a hog roast), and since they have pretty much built an indiana version of neverland ranch, we are allowed to stay in their yard. *love you guys*

*we are working like crazy on the new house. we got so much done this week, and it's moving along right on schedule. we should have it up for sale in the beginning of october. (we aren't moving, just fixing up and selling- kelly asked me about this and so im sure others were wondering- HI KELLY!!!)

* i'm getting ready to hit the buy button on several new camera items. one of them being pretty expensive. woohoo.

*ryan my hubs= hottie. the man knows how to do just about everything when it comes to construction. he is so funny with avy, and he just bought me flowers for no reason. so there. random as it comes. i am in love with the man, that's fo sho.

*FYI spellcheck does not like the words WOOHOO and FO SHO.

hope you all have a good weekend!
i am aware that my comments section doesn't work. i will try to remedy that next week. i've been thinking of switching to wordpress for my blog, anyway. maybe now is the time to do it?
love you all xoxox

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

cass & josh | indiana wedding photographer

moving right along...

almost finished, guys!

Monday, September 14, 2009

eaves | indiana family photographer

someone? please?

someday get a picture of my family like this?

i had fun with you guys today!

i can't wait to edit your pictures

*starting monday off with a bang. avy's nose is running like a faucet, so we will be hugged up on the couch for the evening. is it terrible that i love the way she talks when her nose is stuffy? like the way she says: "i lub you, mobbby" or instead of ming ming duck, it's "bing bing duck".