Thursday, August 5, 2010

how to make the easiest hair clip in the world

what we are making:
the supplies:

fabric or felt of any kind
hair clips
first you cut a circle out of the fabric. just freehand it- it won't matter if it's not perfect.
now start from the outside and cut all the way into the center, like this:

this is what it will look like:

now put a small amount of glue in the center of the felt:
i keep saying center.

i didn't take a picture of the next step because i think it's pretty easy to understand. just glue around the outside edges and put the circle back together however you want to.

this is what the back will look like:

and the front:

to cover the back and hide the clip i just cut out a slightly bigger circle (in contrasting felt)

cut a tiny hole and poke the clip through.

now put glue all over THIS SIDE so that it will hold:

here are the finished clips!
i think the heavier felt looks much better.


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