Tuesday, August 3, 2010

twenty totally randoms on tuesday

1. i am still upset that Phil Harris from "deadliest catch" died.

2. i love eating popcorn but i really hate it when you get a kernel stuck in your gums. like way in the back where your tongue can't reach.

3. i love this kiddo.

i hope she will skip the ages 13-17 and head straight to art school.

or law school.

or exterminator school...i don't care as long as it's not....


4. i won 10 dollars at the fair when i was 5. my dad grew the largest turnip.

5. i hate the stick figure families that people put on their cars. what happens when you have to peel off spot? poor dog.

6. i've been crafty lately. i'm gettin' my mojo back! although i made these at christmas.

7. i like the smell of seagrams. i know people think that it's gross and maybe i'm just used to it...but i do. plus ryan works there so i'm sure it smells like money to him.

8. i make a really good pumpkin roll.

9. i don't like putting away groceries. i really don't like going to get them.

10. if i could shop at any store and pick out whatever i wanted i would go to west elm. or anthropologie. or pier one. or just shop on etsy.

yeah it would be etsy.

11. at one time this was all in my purse:

12. no i'm not kidding. and it might actually be worse than that now. the other day i pulled out a golf glove when i paid for something.

13. i really want to learn to play the guitar.

14. i love going to the reds games. BRUCE

15. want something easy to do with your kids? make paper beads like the ones below.

glue and paper and scissors.

how easy is that?

and avy loves them.

16. i can't wait until vacation.

17. freddy told us a story this weekend about backing up into a fence and it was hil. ar. i. ous.

18. and then he told us about a video and i'm scarred for life without even seeing it.

19. i love camping and going to the creek.

20. i'm still upset about Phil Harris.


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